The Draw the Dog Fundraiser will be held at select home games throughout the Athletic Season. We will announce which games will feature Draw the Dog on Social Media and at the start of each game. Ticket prices are listed below.

1 ticket for $1

6 tickets for $5

25 tickets for $20

Cash Only • Must be 18 or older to play

If your ticket is drawn during the game, you will win 10% of the night’s Draw the Dog ticket sales plus your chance at the BULLDOG JACKPOT!

Even if you don’t pull the jackpot card, you still get the 10% and you may even win an extra prize! Watch out for those “steaming” cards though…no extra prizes with those!

The Fine Print:
  • Bulldog Jackpot is 50% of the total ticket sales from the start of the Draw the Dog event, until the Bulldog card is pulled. The jackpot will grow each week that the Bulldog card is not drawn.
  • Vouchers will be given for any extra prizes to redeem either that night or at a future Bulldog event during the 2022-2023 season.
  • Must be present to win.
  • There will be one ticket drawn at each home game at which we are playing Draw the Dog. We will announce at the start of the game if it is a Draw the Dog night. We will only pull from tickets sold at that nights event.

✦⭐︎ 2021-2022 Winners circle ⭐︎✦